mind map, thinking, accelerated learning, business

mind map, thinking, accelerated learning, business
We have included here examples of Mind Maps that have been drawn for a variety of different purposes. Some are hand drawn and some have been produced on the Mind Mapping software, MindManager. We will be adding Mind Maps to the ones shown here, so if you have any that you would be happy for us to include, please email them to us with a brief description of the purpose of the Mind Map.

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Workshop Overviews
mind mapping for business Mind Mapping for Business

Overview of the one day Mind Mapping for Business workshop run by Buzan licensed instructors.
accelerated learning Accelerated Learning

Overview of two day workshop, Accelerated Learning for Trainers.
new ways of thinking New Ways of Thinking - Short Presentation

Short presentation introducing the brain, memory and Mind Mapping
Creative Thinking
six learning hats edward de bono Six Thinking Hats

An overview of the popular approach from Edward de Bono
problem solving Exploring/Attacking Problems - things you may want to include

Some ideas for getting started when using Mind Maps to aid problem solving
scamper SCAMPER

This is a way of challenging, in a structured way, all aspects of a product, service, process or situation.
questions Questions

A simple way to increase understanding and perspectives is to ask questions
creative thinking element Presentation on Elements of Creativity

We use this on several of our courses. The tutor does a short verbal presentation which the delegates Mind Map.
Book Summaries
Effective Innovation - John Adair Effective Innovation - John Adair

An overview of the key points and learning from the book.
Orbiting the Giant Hairball - Gordon MacKenzie Orbiting the Giant Hairball - Gordon MacKenzie

An overview of the key points and learning form the book.
Plan for a Business Trip

An example of a well structured Mind Map prepared for planning a business trip.
Summary of key learning points from an interviewing skills course

Notes handed to delegates at the end of the course.

Uses of Mind Maps

A summary of some of the many uses of Mind Maps
Principles of Mind Maps

An overview of the key "laws" of Mind Mapping, all of which aim to maximise the usefulness of the technique.
Preparation for telephone negotiation - booking advertising space

A quick Mind Map prepared in advance of making the telephone call. During the call, the responses were added to the various branches and any other points were also captured.
Mind Mapping is a registered trademark of the Buzan organisation. Whenever we run courses involving Mind Mapping, we use the most experienced Buzan licensed instructors, each of whom have trained and worked with Tony Buzan.
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