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Software for mindmapping and information organization

Software for mindmapping and
information organisation

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Vic's compendium of software that supports knowledge management and information organisation in graphical form. Includes mind mappers, concept mappers, outliners, hierarchical organisers, KM support and knowledge browsers, 2D and 3D. The opinions are Vic's but material in quotes that follows "What they say" is quoted from the vendors' web sites. Product names used in this web site are for identification purposes only and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Please let me know of any software that isn't here but should be: Vic at the above domain.
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From:  3D-Scape Limited   Product:  3D Topicscape Personal Edition    Added:  2006-05-29
Screenshot mind mapping software 3D Topicscape Personal Edition     Screenshot mind mapping software 3D Topicscape Personal Edition     Screenshot mind mapping software 3D Topicscape Personal Edition    
What they say:  " 3D Topicscape: The information organizer for mindmappers and others.
A flexible way to plan new projects and manage information. It's like concept mapping or mindmapping, but in 3D. You can even import FreeMind mind maps to build a 3D view from work you've already done in 2D (and export them again).

- take in your To Do lists with just a glance at your 3D landscape; zoom in on part of the landscape and go back instantly; make live links to Outlook tasks, contacts, etc. (in Pro).

- use the information organizer developed for mindmappers and project managers, easy for all to use

- research on the web while saving many web pages in parallel as .mht archives. No waiting, just drop onto the 3D landscape and keep surfing

- greatly expand your mindmapping capabilities."
Observations:  3D concept mapping / mindmapping software. Lets you see much more at one time than any other product I've seen. Allows 3D zooming and flying. One Topicscape can hold a very large collection of nodes and files - into the thousands it seems. Topicscapes can be interlinked. The Student Edition (SE) is free but it's limited to storing text and web files.
There's an example of how the 3-D format works here that might be helpful:- http://www.topicscape.com/Topicscape-3D-mindmap-structure-explained.php
Where:  http://www.topicscape.com/
OS: Windows
Price:  SE: free; Lite: US$50; Pro: US$90
Categories: 3D mind maps, concept maps, information management, knowledge management, mind maps, visual organizer
From:  3MRT   Product:  Thoughtograph    Added:  2008-06-08
Screenshot mind mapping software Thoughtograph     Screenshot mind mapping software Thoughtograph     Screenshot mind mapping software Thoughtograph    
What they say:  " Thoughtograph is software that is designed to help you:

- organise and structure your thoughts visually
- plan and structure your ideas and projects
- help you memorise and recall key information by speeding up and accelerating your study.
- Thoughtograph is simple, effective and rewarding to use.
A Thot is a Thoughtograph file, it is a visual representation of your thoughts taking shape.
For those familiar with mind mapping, spider diagrams and concept mapping the interface will feel familiar and intuitive."
Where:  http://www.thoughtograph.co.uk/about/
OS: Windows
Price:  US$50
Categories: mind maps
From:  Ableverse   Product:  WoW (Web of Web)    Added:  2006-11-21
Screenshot mind mapping software WoW (Web of Web)     Screenshot mind mapping software WoW (Web of Web)     Screenshot mind mapping software WoW (Web of Web)    
What they say:  " Open source free product WoW which leverages a Mindmap interface, and it should excite some since it brings Mindmaps from desktops to the interconnected Web space. It serves Mindmaps fully interactive and collaborative, in a realtime manner, peoples across the world can see each others update immediatelly, they can even talk through instant messages on each node, separately.

All users' home nodes are listed at www.webofweb.net/traverse/Users"
Observations:  Author says it requires the latest Java runtime, 1.5, the latest version from http://www.java.com. JRE 1.5.0 update 7 and before will have problems with WoW.
Where:  http://www.webofweb.net
OS: web based
Price:  Free
Categories: mind maps
Who invented mind mapping

This comes up from time to time - usually in the form of "Buzan didn't invent mind mapping".

Underlying theory of Concept Maps

Here are links to important scholarly papers by Joseph D. Novak and Alberto J. Cañas on Concept Maps, their theory and construction.

Semantic networks

"Semantic network" is a broad enough term to cover many forms of information map. Here is a link to an article by John F. Sowa, originally written for the Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence.

Visual representation of knowledge

Here are some links to articles on the visual representation of knowledge by Sigmar-Olaf Tergan, an academic leader in the field

An overview of concept mapping

This is a 1997 article by Eric Plotnick, from the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology Syracuse NY

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