How can I write anything "deep" if I keep practicing with just 100 words a day? does not replace your other learning activities. Sometimes you have to spend hours for a writing assignment or a blog post. That is OK. Now the next time you do it, we hope you will get it done more quickly.

There are many ways you can do in order to communicate better via writing. Keep taking classes. Keep blogging. Keep learning new vocabulary and grammar. What we hope to do is to let you flex your writing muscles more frequently. Writing on will make you jot down your ideas more quickly. If you usually make writing mistakes, keep writing and you will make fewer mistakes after some time. You will also help others who are in the position you were in before.

Anyway, we digressed. In a nutshell, we think you will write at length about things that you care about when you have the inspiration for it. When you do, we hope you find that being on so far contributed to that great little outcome.