Download Youtube Subtitle (auto-generated & closed)

After install, it look like this:


Step 1: Install Chrome and Tampermonkey

Step 2: Install this script

Youtube Subtitle Downloader
click green "Install" button

Any question?

Email: (replace # with @)

Project Background

  • Creator: Cheng Zheng
  • When? Around 2014
  • Why? I need to download a lot subtitle, I hate copy&paste URL into website and watch AD to get subtitle.
  • Still Maintaing? No (I maintain this from 2014 to 2019 Feb, now it's time to move on)
    Don't worry, as of 2019-2-24, this still work.
    but in future(I don't know when)
    it gonna stop working because Youtube change their code.
    cause this script fail to download subtitle.

Looking for new maintainer!

I am not interested to keep maintaining this project anymore.
I been doing this from 2014-2019

If someone interested to keep this little script alive.
Please let me know, email me at (replace # with @)
Or open a Github issue, or maybe just send me a Pull Request to fix bug(if you don't want to take over this but still want to fix it)

If you are interested in take over and maintain this:

You need to fork this Github repo. and I am gonna write your repo URL in
So people know they should click to visit your repo.

why fork instead of transfer ownership?
I don't want to transfer Gitub repo ownership, because I still want this repo.
at least these 300 Github Star could make my resume look slightly better.

I didn't make any money out of this, make my resume look better is the least this repo can do.
All the time I put into this script not go completely waste (I lost count how many hours I put into this, maybe between 20-40 hours? maybe slightly more than that?)

This script still work as of 2019-2-24

Why I abandon this project?

Time and Money.
I can't keep investing time into this project because It's not bringing me any revenue.
I have more important things to do in life.

Youtube 字幕下载工具

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