A cross-platform audible audiobook manager. With over 550 stars by github developers, OpenAudible is the trusted audio book content manager.


Download, view, convert to MP3, and manage all your content with our easy-to-use desktop application.

See all your Audible books in one location, on all your Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. Automatically organize your books as an HTML library.

Download 1.6.4

Mac OpenAudible_1.6.4_mac.dmg 120.54Mb
Windows (x64) OpenAudible_1.6.4_win.exe 156.04Mb
Linux GTK (x64) installer script 85.482Mb
Linux GTK (x64) .deb OpenAudible_1.6.4_amd64.deb 85.219Mb
Linux GTK (x64) .rpm OpenAudible_1.6.4_amd64.rpm 85.223Mb
Mac Users! After downloading, right-click the "OpenAudible Installer" and select "Open" to install. This is required by Apple to install unsigned applications.

Screen Shot

Windows Screenshot


Read the documentation..

Quick Start

Install the version for your platform. Until we get a signing certificate, you will be warned that this is an unsigned application. You may need to change your GateKeeper settings, but hopefully not.

Note: Mac users should open the OpenAudible.pkg installer by selecting it in Finder and Control-Clicking the application, then select Open. This is due to our not being available in the Apple Store or and not having a signing certificate.

First time you use the application, open the Browser window (Ctrl-B from the Controls menu) and log into your Audible account and browse to your list of purchased books.

You may want to set the working directory or output directory to a disk that more space or that is located on a network storage device.

Then Connect to audible… Your library details should be imported. No files will be downloaded.

You can browse the books you have purchased from audible.

From there, you can click on a download link to have OpenAudible download your book.

Note: If you get a message about changing an audible download manager setting, follow these directions.

Converting AAX files to MP3 is done by selecting one or more downloaded files and choosing “Convert to MP3” from the Action menu. Or simply select “Convert All to MP3” from the Controls menu.

You can also import all existing MP3/AAX files you may have already downloaded by using the File: Import AAX Files or simply dragging them into application. However, it is best to let OpenAudible download and convert them so the file naming and format is consistent.

More help is available under the Help Menu.

Uninstalling OpenAudible can be done with the uninstaller. Your settings are saved in the “Working directory” defined in the preferences. On Windows, it is C:\Users\NAME\OpenAudible. On Mac it is /Users/NAME/Library/OpenAudible.

Technical Support

OpenAudible is a community based project by a small group of volunteers. Issues are tracked in github at:

OpenAudible is free to use. If you enjoy using OpenAudible, please consider making a donation to the authors.

Press and Accolades

Here are some mentions in the press.

License and Disclaimer

OpenAudible is unaffiliated with OpenAudible uses ffmpeg to decode audible files.

For use with your audible content that you own and allowed to download.

Privacy policy

Thank you to for the excellent multi-platform installer builder Install4J

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